"Making Molehills out of Mountains"

Michelle Slater Law
What I Do

I have formed companies and prepared organizational documents, such as LLC operating agreements, articles of incorporation, bylaws, stockholder agreements. My experience also includes helping businesses buy and sell things, like equipment, other companies, other companies' assets, and put down in writing the details of their relationships with other businesses, such as suppliers, vendors, consultants, partners, financing sources, government agencies, and co-developers. I have negotiated with taxing authorities, other government agencies, investment bankers, stakeholders, and (of course) other lawyers. I've helped businesses understand and comply with regulations. I have helped businesses reorganize their own legal relationships, and I have helped businesses facing financial distress (in my case, that has primarily meant dealing with distressed financial assets).

Business Model

What works for you? I can work in your office or I can work remotely. I communicate by phone, text, email, regular mail (but not that often anymore!), skype, or over a cup of coffee. I send out bills monthly and expect payment within 30 days.


Hourly Billing:

Like most attorneys, I generally bill hourly. But I am flexible, and the more we get to know each other the easier it becomes to create customized billing arrangements (e.g., project based, transaction specific, flat rates for certain services).

Monthly Access:

If you have a pretty good idea that you will need some amount legal services each month but you are not sure how much, you could sign up for the Monthly Access Fee arrangement. You pay (in advance) each month for 15 hours of access at a rate that is 20 percent discount from the general hourly rate, and you call me when you need me. I can provide weekly or bi-weekly reports on hours remaining, if you wish. If you exceed 15 hours in a month, the regular rate applies. If 15 hours a month doesn't sound right for you, let's talk.

If you need more information about what I do
or would like to talk about fees,
please do not hesitate to call me to discuss it.

Michelle Slater Law

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